Announcing the new LoadNet Restraint System

Announcing the new LoadNet Restraint System

As VOSA continues to enforce the new regulations on securing loads in trailers we have developing a new product that will help to minimise the time needed to effectively secure loads in compliance with the new regulations.

The LoadNet Restraint System is a comprehensive solution that is compatible with both new and existing vehicles. PVC Mesh LoadNets are suspended from the roof with bungee cord and are strapped down to side rave with the use of 5000kg Ratchet Straps. These virtually eliminate damage to the load normally associated with just using straps and have the added bonus of being able to restrain opened pallets.

The LoadNet System is able to run on either existing ICS Track or our Tensioned Cable. Nets and sheets can be custom made to suit your requirements with options for either ratchet straps or heavy duty quick release buckle straps.

Our LoadNet system sits up high in the roof with less than 70mm clearance needed from the bottom of the ICS Track. The system is easy to use and will prove cost effective by enabling individual users to load and unload quickly and safely.

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