New advice issued for securing loads on curtain-sided lorries

New advice issued for securing loads on curtain-sided lorries

The Health and Safety Executive has issued new advice on best practice for securing loads on curtain-sided lorries.

This practical advice is designed to minimise the risks to health and safety for everyone working on and around curtain-sided vehicles.

The main findings of the report is to make recommendations on the securing of loads within curtain-sided lorries. Friction alone should not be relied on as a method to secure loads and all loads should be secured so that they do not move relative to the trailer bed during transport.

These recommendations don't come as anything new to professional operators but they do confirm that curtains and weather protection structure of a curtain-sided vehicle are generally not suitable for load securing.

Additional load restraint equipment will of course increase costs, both in equipment and in the time required to secure a load. We are developing a new product which will help to reduce the time required to effectively secure a load within a curtain-sided vehicle and hope to have an exciting announcement on this product soon.

You can read the full report here (

Update 12/8/13: New LoadNet Restraint System announced