VOSA Load Security Enforcement Policy

VOSA Load Security Enforcement Policy

The Vehicle Operation and Service Agency (VOSA) introduced new training for enforcement officers back in April 2012.

This training relates to spot-checks and how assessments should be made with regard to effective load restraint. 

This training brings enforcement officers up to speed with the recent recommendations and best practice in securing loads within curtain-sided lorries. As we are all aware, friction alone should not be relied on as a method to secure loads and all loads should be secured so that they do not move relative to the trailer bed during transport.

The project makes use of a Load Enforcement Matrix (http://intranet.rha.uk.net/docs/newsletters/campaigning/cb%207%20March%2020…) which outlines which types of vehicles should be assessed for load security, different load types and categories of restraint equipment that should be used to ensure safe compliance.

If a vehicle is found to be in breach of the load restraint rules, they have the power to prohibit continued use of the vehicle if they believe it represents a danger to other road users. However, it is VOSA's stated intention that minor problems in the way vehicles have been loaded and secured will be dealt with through advice rather than enforcement action wherever possible.